Ceramics have touched our lives; now we hope to bring that joy to you. Our board is comprised of collectors, enthusiasts, educators, authors, artists, and supporters.



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Judith Schwartz—President

Judith Schwartz Ph.D., is Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Art Professors at New York University, where she directs the Sculpture Craft Media area and teaches courses in ceramic art. She publishes in both national and international journals, and has curated numerous exhibitions including Confrontational Clay, which was on national tour through 2002. She co-chairs conferences and has juried numerous national and international exhibitions. Dr. Schwartz lectures frequently on contemporary ceramics to museums, professional conferences and art fairs. She is the former President of Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, serves on the board of Studio Potter, and is an elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics. She also serves on the board of the International Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred University. Schwartz has been presented with the prestigious Everson Museum Award for service and excellence in the field of ceramic education. She is currently writing a book on Noritake Art Deco Porcelain, and is the trustee of the estate of the late ceramic artist, Howard Kottler.

Arthur Goldberg—Vice President

Arthur F. Goldberg, M.D., after retiring from his practice of medicine, has devoted more time to his passion and love of ceramics and the decorative arts. While serving in the U.S. Navy, he was stationed in Japan where he was exposed to and influenced by eastern pottery. This stimulated his search for an America equivalent, which resulted in an exhibition of selections from his broad and historical collection of American stoneware at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1985. A member of the American Ceramic Circle, he has lectured on American stoneware and art tiles at the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Wadsworth Athenaeum, and Winterthur. As a member of the Tile Heritage Foundation, Dr. Goldberg curated an exhibition of Arthur Osborne’s Plastic Sketches for the Low Art Tile Works in Chelsea, Mass., and the Erie Art Museum in 1999, for which he is writing a catalogue. His article “Highlights in the Development of the Rockingham and Yellow Ware Industry in the United States” was recently published in Ceramics in America. He lectured on “High Points in the Evolution of American Stoneware” at Winterthur Museum’s Ceramics in America Conference. Examples of his ceramic and tile collection have been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Winterthur, the High Museum of Art, the Museum of American Folk Art, Craftsman Farms Museum and elsewhere. In recent years he has been creating pottery on the wheel.

Ronald Kuchta—Advisory

Ronald Kuchta is the Editor of American Ceramics. He is the recipient of many honors and awards including the award for Contributions to American Art from the Fonda del Sol Arts Center in Washington, D.C. He is the former chairman of the Urban Arts Commission in Syracuse, New York, and was the Commissioner of Art at the New York State Fair four years in a row. Mr. Kuchta is a trustee of Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, and a member of the International Academy of Ceramics. He has tremendous experience in raising major funding for exhibitions, publications, endowments and acquisitions. He lectures at museums and galleries, and curates and juries exhibitions throughout the world. He has published numerous catalogs, book essays and articles on the ceramic arts.

Patricia Pelehach—Advisory

Patricia Pelehach is an independent fund-raising consultant registered with the state of New York. She assists a number of clients with strategic planning, institutional development, and fundraising. She holds degrees from Smith College and Brown University and has held senior development positions at a variety of organizations including the Buten Museum of Wedgwood, Moore College of Art, the University of Pennsylvania, the Institute for EastWest Studies, and New York University. She is the author of numerous articles on Wedgwood ceramics and more recently has turned her attention to Japanese and Asian ceramics. Recent articles include “Confidence and Freedom: The Art of Yasuhiro Kohara”, Ceramics: Art and Perception, Issue 60, June 2005, p. 85-87; “Lee Gee-Jo at Tong-In Gallery”, American Ceramics, 14/4, (2005) p. 59; “Peter Callas: Thirty Years in Clay”, Ceramics: Art and Perception, number 56, 2004; and “Yasuhiro Kohara at Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.”, American Ceramics, 14/2, (2002) p. 56. A student of Japanese language, brush painting and calligraphy, Ms. Pelehach collects contemporary Japanese ceramics, and is herself a ceramic sculptor.

Bruce Sherman

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