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The Museum of Ceramic Art – New York (MOCA/NY) was founded to advance the appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of ceramics through exhibitions, hands-on experience, research, education, and scholarship. Our intention is to create a world-class museum devoted to ceramics in a world-class city: New York City. While we seek a permanent, physical site, MOCA/NY is currently functioning as a “virtual museum”, sponsoring exhibitions, lectures, newsletters, and special events, as well as this website, which we hope will serve as a vital resource for the clay community.

MOCA/NY is intended to serve as a public forum for the interdisciplinary investigation of the universal experience and appreciation of ceramics, exploring the field from “need” through “style”. We will offer the broadest possible experience of ceramics, from its earliest beginnings to the space age. Ranging from ancient ceramic traditions to art and studio pottery to cutting-edge installations, our exhibitions and programs will provide the general public, as well as specialists, with educational resources for the study of ceramics as an art form and in industrial applications.

As another essential part of its main agenda, the Museum of Ceramic Art–New York will survey North and South American, European, Asian, and African ceramics from their historical and contemporary perspectives, as well as the evolution of their respective styles.

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